About Gemini Music, Inc.

Gemini Music, Inc. is an idea that was conceived by entrepeneur Don Casale, who is a musician himself. Don wanted to create a source of musical instruments and equipment that focused on the needs of musical scholars, their educational institutions, and for the needs of career musicians as well.

Don realized that people get involved with music from all walks of life and that each person who stays with it has a unique background, path, and reason why they continue playing music. No matter what avenue a person pursues, there is one commonality that usually starts it all... inspiration.

Inspiration First

It is inspiration and passion that makes the whole idea of music exciting and sends a person down their creative path, whether they are a student, a teacher, or simply an artist or collector even a collector of fine instuments. Don Casale decided that Gemini Music Inc. would be more than just an equipment supplier. Gemini Music Inc. is a place where we can cater to an individual's purpose, or to that of an entire organization. We want to know your goals and how we can best serve your philosophy, whether you are working with a modest budget or are able to put a large investment into your vision. We'll work with you to meet that expectation. Gemini Music Inc. employs people who are musicians themselves and who are passionate about their creativity. We are truly motivated to help others who share that spark.

Widened Vision

Through the creative process and building his own dream, Don's vision for Gemini Music, Inc. has grown into other ideas, such as offering audio gear for the "listening audience" and their vehicles, as well as installation software of that equipment for auto dealers and service stations.

As well, we offer sound technician services for events including PA and amplifier equipment in both the entertainment and corporate arenas. Our sound technicians are top notch and our rates are very reasonable. Please call (508) 695-7302 to book an event today.